Enable God mode in Windows and get all the system settings in one place.

The God Mode, as the name suggests is a system shortcut in Windows that gives you access to all Control Panel items in one handy place. It works on Windows 7 and above, and on Windows 10 it’s notable for bringing options from the Settings app and the Control Panel together.

To enable it, simply create a new folder on your desktop: Right-click > New > Folder and name it the following string:


The name God Mode can be replaced with any text before the period with something else. Once you hit Enter to create the folder, it will change into a Control Panel icon and you’ll have access!

God Mode

Don’t think that as its name suggests, God Mode will let you do anything crazy like cheat codes in games, but is basically a shortcut. It’s great for IT people who want common functions all in one place, or anyone who just wants a simple list of everything you can change in Windows.

God Mode Control panel



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