Till today I didn’t know that shortcuts can be used in ServiceNow. So I did search and found a list of shortcuts for everyone who didn’t know about it.

Before you begin – you need to enable keyboard shortcuts

You can enable or disable keyboard shortcuts from the system settings menu.

Role required: none
Click the gear icon (Gear icon) in the banner frame to open the System Settings window.
In the General tab, select or clear the Keyboard shortcuts enabled option.
Close the system settings window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note that some of them below are configurable as per this ServiceNow article.

ActionWindows ShortcutMac Shortcut
Activate global search fieldCtrl+Alt+GCtrl+Opt+G
Toggle application navigatorCtrl+Alt+CCtrl+Opt+C
Activate navigation filter fieldCtrl+Alt+FCtrl+Opt+F
Impersonate userCtrl+Alt+ICtrl+Opt+I
Navigate to the main content on the pageCtrl+Alt+PCtrl+Opt+P
Client Debugger WindowCtrl+Alt+JCtrl+Opt+J
On Service Portal id=form Save the formCtrl+SCtrl+S
On Service Portal widget editor, SaveCtrl+SCtrl+S

SN Utils

For those who are not aware of SN Utils, please view this video.

ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Save the current formCtrl+S
Create List filterCtrl+Left Click on Field Label
Paste screenshotsCtrl+V
Activate the extensionConfigurable
Pop-In/Pop-Out of nav_to.doConfigurable
Show Technical NamesConfigurable
Open slashcommand popupConfigurable
Open VS Code ScriptSync tabConfigurable

Navigation shortcuts

table.configOpens a list of all things related to a table
table.listOpens the list of all records on said table in the current frame
table.doOpens a empty form for said table in the current frame
table.formOpens a empty form for said table in the current frame
table.filterOpens the list for a table with no records in the current frame


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