Here we list a few FAQ’s you might be asking regarding the Reliance Jio phone which was announced yesterday. We thank you, Technical Guruji for letting us know these details in his Youtube channel.

The FAQ’s

1) ₹ 1500 security deposit to be paid in advance when you buy the phone. Reliance promises to return the amount after 3 years, but we don’t know the technical scenario after 3 years, it could be a scene where other companies might come up with a different option altogether and you might be stuck with this for 3 years. But we don’t feel in near future any company might announce a plan as groundbreaking as this.

2) ₹ 153 plan & ₹ 309 plan can be purchased for existing sim as well.

3) Unlimited data and calls – Does it still come with a limit? YES – 500MB limit for ₹ 153 plan and the 1GB limit for ₹ 309 plan for a day. This will be enough if it is used with the Reliance Jio phone itself, as it is Q VGA phone which has reduced pixel rate and hence the data usage will be enough for a day. This will give 4 – 5 hours of video streaming within the Jio phone.

4) Hotspot – Jio Phones comes in many Models with small changes – camera, design, battery etc. Some have an option for the hotspot, but will be locked initially, in later stages Reliance may unlock it. We feel that without that option it would not be a great option for users who own another smart phone.

5) Dual SIM – Yes it comes with dual SIM in which 1 Jio sim is mandatory.

6) Operating System- KaiOS – A Firefox based which is not popular in smart phones. Cat 4 LTE Band 3,5, and 40, crucial to running the Jio 4G VoLTE service. It will support GPS, Bluetooth 4.1. The battery is said to be 2000mAh.

7) No Whats app as of now no, but it might come as Facebook had a partnership with Facebook before and once millions of Indians start using this phone, Whats App will definitely release a version for KaiOS.

8) TV cable hardware will mirror the phone screen to any TV.

9) For whom? – Not for existing smartphone users, but for those who still using the basic phones with 2 line display.



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