Recommendations is a feature in Facebook which is relatively new but very less people are aware of that.  This feature is used to get recommendations on a place or a service such as saloons in an area. This post will be taken as a Request and you can receive recommendations from your friends on which is the best place they choose.

How to use it?

When you go to create a new post, all you have to do is phrase it as a clear request for suggestions — or better yet, include the word “recommendation(s)” in your post and Facebook will automatically label it as a request. If you add a city name in your request, after you post your request, Facebook will give you the option of adding a map.

However, this isn’t foolproof. When we had tried, certain questions were not picked up by Facebook as a request for recommendations. For example, asking for suggestions on good books to read didn’t work.

If you want to be sure your post will be labeled as a request for recommendations before hitting the post button, under Feelings/Activity you can select Looking for > Recommendations. You can get even more specific with the type of recommendation if you want.


  1. But Facebook forces the “looking for recommendations” tag on my post even though I don’t want it. It doesn’t offer it while I’m typing, but after I post, there it is, and I cannot remove the tag. Any ideas on how to disable this feature? And I didn’t even use the word “recommendations” in my post. This is very annoying.

    • Thats a terrible scenario. Could you show us a post from your profile, so that we can have a look and suggest you what could be the problem.


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