Thinking about uploading your own video with a background music of your favourite artist? Facebook copyright rules will not allow you anymore.

If you dare to upload a video with a background music of your choice, think again you post will get deleted. Facebook now scans the content of the video and the audio for copyright and compares it with its huge database and identifies the video/audio and warn you that it’s a copyrighted content and use it only if you are authorised to do so. It gives an option to delete or keep the video. If we choose to keep it, Facebook will further scan the video closely and will delete it from backend and you will be blocked from posting videos any further from your account.

This is how the facebook copyright warning mail looks like:

Sub: Your video contains a clip that belongs to someone else

Unfortunately, we couldn’t post the video you uploaded. There’s nothing to worry about – it’s because the video contains music, audio or a video clip that belongs to someone else.
You may be able to post the video if you have the rights, otherwise, you can delete the video.

It’s a great step favouring copyright laws – Kudos Facebook.



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