Does Amazon give Sweet potato instead of SATA to SSD Converter?

Recently I was searching for some accessories for my Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon X1 and in the search results, I could find a strange reddish vegetable instead of M.2 SATA 2242 to Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen.1 26pin SSD Converter Adapter and that too with a hefty price tag of 5859 + 300 delivery charge. You can visit the original page here until the Amazon corrects it.

Does Amazon sell Sweet potato in

Who posted it?

A seller by name LiveYourSport sells it and when I checked the other items sold by this seller, it all looks like genuine tech accessories and gadgets.  It could be a mistake from the sellers’ end which is understood, but “Amazon” the no. one online shopping portal should not have let this happen. One thing is confirmed with this post, once a seller is trusted, they can post anything to be sold on Amazon without any screening. Or has Amazon got mixed up between AmazonNow and I would try searching sweet potato in AmazonNow and see whether I get SSD Adapter there.

If it was something which I needed and if it was much cheaper than this, I would have tried to order it and claim that I have not received the item which was shown in the photo 🙂  Just kidding! I hope this blog reaches the person responsible in Amazon and rectifies the mistake at the earliest.


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