The WhatsApp’s anticipated Video calling feature is now rolling out. The new free video calling feature appears to be available only in the latest WhatsApp beta version for now, which indicates that a wider rollout can be expected soon.

WhatsApp Beta

To test the feature now, you need to be on the Beta (Tester) version of WhatsApp and do an update.  Once updated we have tried initiating a Video Call, but unfortunately no one in our contact list seems to have updated the version yet.  The steps to initiate the Video Call is as below.


Go to a contact whom you need to Video Call and Click the Call button on top. This gives you 2 options – 1) Voice Call 2) Video Call

Video Call - WhatsApp


If you call someone who has not yet updated the version yet, you will receive the below message.

WhatsApp Warning

WhatsApp video calling has been an expected addition to the WhatsApp app since its voice calling function went live in March 2015. Skype, FaceTime (on iOS) & Google Duo are arguably its main competitors in this sphere.


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