Nokia’s iconic 3310 is redesigned and launched, see all the details we know as of now on NOKIA 3310

nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 launch details

The new 3310 updates the original’s famous design with more rounded edges, more subtle buttons and a general smoothing, a bit like the modernised Mini Cooper or those multi-coloured Daleks, only better.It’s also substantially thinner. It’s a playful, fun redesign from Nokia and is sure to win favour with retro phone fans. The new version comes in the familiar midnight blue and silver-grey, as well as a bright sunshine yellow and warm orangey-red. You can’t change the cases, unfortunately, as only the back comes off to get the removable battery and microSD card.

Nokia 3310

The phone is priced at $50. Nokia is confident the perky design and friendly price will endear the new 3310 both to retro phone fans and a younger generation looking for an affordable, disposable phone. You could whip the new 3310 out at a festival, for example, without being too embarrassed. And the big question: Does it have Snake? Yes. But in an example of trying too hard to modernise things, it’s a weird colour version with updated graphics that involves travelling diagonally. The old version was better.

The rebooted 3310 was announced in Barcelona yesterday at mobile extravaganza MWC, alongside a special edition of the Android-powered Nokia 6 and two midrange Androids, the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. Look out for full reviews coming soon.

Nokia 3310 specs

  •     2.4-inch screen
  •     2-megapixel camera
  •     22 hours of talk time
    That’s it..!!


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