Android users might be familiar with the app – ES File Explorer a file manager. But did you know that it can access your Cloud storage, It can access the files on your PC & Android TV within the same network, It can connect to an FTP server, It can send files to other phones like ShareIt, Optimize your phone by analysing the storage, Built-in music player, Folder Hide and much more. Android developers have a habit of creating separate apps for different purposes and it is rare that these many features are included in one single app.

We will go through the features of ES File Explorer one by one below and we are not going into detail on how it is done as it is self-explanatory.  If you have any queries on how to do it, leave a comment we will provide the answers.

As everyone knows ES File Explorer is a File Manager & Root Explorer which we are not discussing here. Apart from that here are the things it can do, a few of the features requires a Rooted phone.

The less known features

  • Uninstall apps at once with a click
  • Clipboard Manager to copy and paste multiple times, access previous clipboard items
  • Change Folder properties
  • Open without unzipping & create new ZIP files
  • Optimize your phone storage by analyzing it
  • Play music with a built-in music player
  • Mount USB Drive on your phone
  • Stream video from phone to another Android device
  • Encrypt a file or folder
  • Hide folders
  • Batch Rename Files & Folders
  • Remove Bloatware (Rooted Phones only)
  • Backup an app and data (Rooted phones only)
  • Save to cloud and access Cloud storage
  • Access files stored on your PC from phone and vice-versa
  • Browse and transfer FTP files
  • Manage photos from Facebook or Instagram albums
  • Send or receive files from other phones like ShareIt




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