Welcome to the Two Decimal’s free live technical support portal. We shall assist you with any kind of problems with your Windows PC or Android smart phones.

1) Please click open the chat window on the right side bottom of this page in this website to speak with our qualified agent and get going.
2) We will be assisting you remotely by providing the step by step instructions to solve the issue.
3) If required with your permission we can also provide remote take over of your Windows system using Windows Remote Assistance tool.
(Please note that we will not require any of your usernames or passwords.  Also, all the activities performed by us remotely will be visible to you and you will have full control to stop it.)


Your business deserves to have a team support professionals who are responsive and our team of highly trained, certified, and skilled support experts will make sure your needs are taken care of promptly and effectively. Our highly trained and experienced teams can provide quick, helpful, and comprehensive support. Use our Live Chat to get support immediately. We are online during office hours in Europe and the U.S., however, you can send us a message at any time.



With 15 years of experience under his belt on Windows technical support, Vijay shall deal with various types of issues with any version of Windows Operating system and find its solution in a blink. Being a gadget lover, his knowledge on the features of the latest versions of Android OS, smartphones & tablets helps in assisting customers with any problems they might face with their devices.


Ankit is is proficient in Java, .NET, Python & C and he love to develop Android applications.  His passion is to get to know what is the latest happening in the tech world. Whatever the new product be, Ankit knows in and out about it well in advance. Ankit is a good analyst and his troubleshooting skills are well above par.