Its a known fact that Google knows us better than even our closest friends and relatives. The only person who knows our likes and preferences as much as Google does would be our Mom, just kidding. Google does this with the help of our browsing history. This article discusses about how to delete Google History.

Delete Google history

Google stores all the internet history of ours, but the good thing about Google is that, they are transparent with the users data. They will show you exactly what all data of yours they have with them and whether you want to retain it or not.  But they wont advertise in your dashboard your data and choose whether to retain it or not. If we have a concern with that, we have to find out the link and delete Google history accordingly.  The websites like twodecimal comes to your help, we will show you exactly how it is done.

We dont recommend all the users to delete Google history, but if you think privacy is a concern for you, then you should delete it.First of all, you need to know what all history of yours Google stores. If you are an Android user, I would say, Everything you do on your phone.  In Addition if you are on Chrome in your PC, then that as well. We are not telling that Google will store everything you type, but search history, location, apps, youtube, device details etc.

Google does know where you live, work, at what time you would be at home and when will you leave home and be back.  Google uses these history to improve your browsing experience, but for a few this would be a nightmare. Recommendation will go off if you delete Google history. So its totally your decision whether to do it or not. If you decide to go ahead and delete Google history, then scroll down.

Steps to delete Google History

Link to visit:  in any browser & login with the Google id for which you need to delete Google history for.

delete Google History

Sections in it

  • Web & App History
  • Voice & Audio Activity
  • Device Information
  • Location History
  • YouTube Watch History
  • YouTube Search HistoryIf you look at the location history you may find it interesting. Have a look at my history below.

    delete Google History

    If you want to delete, Click the “Delete Activity by” and select the date and the product (Chrome, Maps, Location).  Also there is an option to search with a keyword and delete the results.  Or in the Activity page, click on 3 dots on the top right and click on “Delete Activity by” and select it.

    delete Google History

    Do you want to disable Google history completely from now on?

  • Go to your Google activity (history) page from any browser.
  • Click on the data section you want disabled. (e.g. Location History).
  • Select the 3-dot menu button located on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Select “Activity Controls”.
  • You will find a switch next to the writing “Your searches and browsing activity”. Toggle it off.
  • You will get a warning telling you some information about what this action may cause.
  • Select “Pause” if you still want to go through with this.
  • Repeat the process for each of the history sections you want to disable. Or from any of the Settings pages, select “SHOW MORE CONTROLS” and toggle them all off.
    Pause Google History

Thats it. Enjoy your privacy.  But again, we are not sure whether any of the Google backup servers still store your data!!  It is said that, if a data is added into a server on Internet, it is never destroyed. One way or the other, it can be retrieved.



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