Google Wifi system

Wifi signal strength in a big house is an everlasting problem faced by everyone and most of us have at least searched once in Google on how to improve wifi signal strength. Now Google itself has come up with a solution to this problem to get a great wifi signal.  Not only Google but a few of other companies such as NetGear.

Problems with traditional routers

Traditional Routers often disappoint us not because of the fact that it is inefficient, but the placement of the router is the problem most of the times.  A traditional router is sufficient for a 3000 sq ft home ideally, but for that to have equal signal strength all around the house, the router has to be placed at the exact center of the house, that too in an open area.  Due to the practical difficulties, in most of the houses, this will not be possible. Either due to physical constraints or visual disturbances.

So most of us will end up placing the router in a corner, due to which the other part of the house will have a little or no signal at all.  Please don’t think that placing a reflector on an antenna can improve wifi signals drastically as we can see this in youtube and some websites, this makes only a marginal difference.  So what is the permanent solution to this problem?

Home Wifi systems

Home Wi-Fi systems such as Google Wifi, Netgear Orbi, Eero, Almond 3 and Portal — also known as home mesh networks — are designed to solve this problem. Instead of just one router, they come in two, three or even more units, allowing you to blanket your home with Wi-Fi.

NetGear Orbi

Benefits of Wifi Systems

  • Instead of a static Wifi coverage, we can have a custom Wifi coverage.  This helps us to design the wireless signal as per the shape and structure of our home.  If we decide that one room/part of the house does not need the wireless signal, adjust accordingly.  This will give a tailored experience for the wifi signal all around our home. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Simplicity is the other advantage of this system. Anyone with basic knowledge of routers and computers will be able to set up the system.  This will start working out of the box.
  • The router’s firmware is managed and updated automatically by the vendor itself so that the user need not bother with the regular updates which have to be installed.

Disadvantages of the Wifi system

  • Expensive, A Google Wifi system costs $300
  • Privacy risks as the devices are managed by the vendors, they would have access to our devices and hence the data flows through it.  So we need to have trust in the vendor company before purchasing the device.



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