Apple, the trend makers

It all started with Apple, they are the one responsible for creating such a hype on the products they release and to make sure that its specs and snaps do not leak before the actual product is introduced. I have to say that they are quite successful in doing so by just revealing that the next model of iPhone is about to come so that people can start the guess works and ultimately it will become the talk of the town. In the case of Apple, it becomes the talk of the world.  We have to admit, we have never seen leaked images of Apple products before its announced.

The rest of the companies are now following the same model, but they know that people are not going to wait for their low end poorly designed product to come and no guesses and no discussions.  So now the publicity/advertising media is following a new pattern, leak the image purposefully so that the people will have an impression in their mind that “Something great is about to come and they are hiding from us”. It’s human nature to go behind something is hidden or forbidden to be known. Hence the result is that product becomes the talk of the town and in tech circles.  The company do not want to spend much on initial publicity.  The only work to be done is to take a pic of the product with a normal phone cam and also in a way that it should look like it was taken without the consent of the company.

I have to say that these companies was successful in creating a false hype and helped them in their sales.  Look at such a sample case below.

Le Eco is going through a rough patch and is trying to get back to shape with the next model of their phone Le Max 3. Leaked images of Le Eco?? As if people are waiting for it to be released so that they can grab their piece. Come on, be realistic, no one is waiting for your phone to be released and wanted a sneak peak into its specs or design. People are intelligent enough to realise that its a publicity stunt, but to those who have not thought it in that angle, I hope this article helps them.

Lastly a message to the phone/product manufacturers, people will buy your phone if it is feature rich, looking good, durable and provides good customer service. This is the base of a good product since centuries and it will not change as well.  You may be able to create a fake bubble initially, but if the product is below par, the bubble will burst ultimately.



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