I grew up listening to FM radio and being a citizen of Bangalore, India – I still listen to FM early morning and in the evening, mostly while travelling to and from work.  Recently I have read an article telling Norway becoming the first country to phase out FM Radio this year and the good old FM Radio dying.

Introduction of DAB

I was not surprised as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is widespread in Europe and is a replacement for FM. Some say that DAB sounds much better than FM, but I am sure that FM has much more die hard fans than we can think of. There are HD Radio channels in FM, but hardly anyone has HD receivers, which is the main reason why the FM is not evolving.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both FM and DAB.

Firstly, the FM is free – anyone having a cheap receiver can listen to it.  But then the commercials steps in, Out of 1 hour of FM programme, at least 15 – 20 mins are commercials, which is the most irritating part of FM.  Then comes the voice clarity as mentioned above, hardly anyone owns an HD FM radio receiver.

DAB isn’t free which is the major set back. But once you are a subscriber, you get commercials free high-quality digital programmes.  What would you choose?



  1. AM with 3 stage or more IF amps thru a push-pull audio amp utilizing 6V6 vacuum tubes driving 12 inch speakers beats the hell out of any semi-conductor powered device today.


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