Facebook Marketplace is now rolled out in almost all the countries were Facebook is available. In United States and Canada this has become a major tool for buying and selling goods locally. This article gives an insight on how to use Facebook Marketplace and what are the common problems faced by users accessing this free service of Facebook.

How to access Facebook Marketplace

On Desktop PC & Mac

Once you login to Facebook, the Marketplace icon will be visible on the top rightside of the page. If it is not visible, the Marketplace option would not be available for your profile itself. Else the Marketplace icon will be enabled by default. Please note that the Facebook Marketplace is enabled based on the profile preferences, such as Lanuguage and location mentioned in your profile. It is not based on which location presently you are in.

On mobile app

Open the Facebook app and on the top center of the page you will view the Facebook Marketplace icon  .Tap on that icon and you will view the screens below, if you are accessing it for the first time.








Once you tap on the Explore button, you will find the items for sale in the area mentioned above, as shown in the picture below. In this case it is 20 km from Bangalore. We can adjust the location settings as shown below.

How to buy or sell products on Facebook Marketplace

Click/tap on the products listed and you will get the option to Message the Seller and fix an appointment to handover the product directly to you. Please note that you do not reveal personal details as Facebook does not guarantee you the authenticity of the product or seller. This can just be considered as a platform to view the products listed. There are risks associated with this type of deal also there are benefits that comes along.

Frequent issues

There are a lot of people complaining that the Facebook Marketplace icon disappears all of a sudden without users knowledge. The matter has been reported to the Facebook Support and a proper response has not yet received from the support team. You can follow the discussion here.

From the discussion, one possible way to fix the issue is explained below.

Play Store > Search “Facebook” > Uninstall (updates) > RESTART PHONE! > Play Store > Search “Facebook” > Install > RESTART PHONE! > Login to Facebook using app > Marketplace Icon back.

For more details on Facebook Marketplace, check out this article.



  1. seen it a time or 2. Its been out long enough that the bugs should be worked out and I would have it. Everyone else I know does. Its crap!

  2. Marketplace showed some of my items had issues, so I asked them to review them and now I am blocked, how do i get it back ??

  3. Don’t have it here. Sure helps your membership. Guess
    I will join another one. PS : You can also take your ROBOT identifier and gently place that in a place where the sun don’t shine.

  4. The Facebook Blocks you and Restricts you from the Marketplace for NO REASON and without any notification.
    They tell you to appeal and then send you to payments? They play many games with you, especially giving you NO REASON and it makes you feel awful, not to mention a huge waste of your time. I do not use the FB that much so it is something I do not understand, but can easily see why the have so much negative issues.
    I am an old lady that lives in the middle of nowhere and they need to block me the Marketplace even from looking, and from creating pages, and from messaging, in order to keep Facebook Safe for others.

  5. Facebook discriminates as far as coin posts. Have tried 3 times to sell coins. See coins listed all the time. Yet my listings are removed. Complained to Facebook 3 times all were denied. Yet the coin posts continues .Not fair treat everyone the same not a select few.

  6. I already have Facebook and marketplace but I Am using my kids phone, I can’t use mine at the moment so I’m gonna use everything I would if it were my own phone and Facebook, I don’t see an icon like usual hope it’s not because I’m not on my normal phone…?

  7. Same here!! I do not have the icon on my page!!!
    It seems Facebook is discriminating!!!!
    Why others can sell but not some of us???
    The message is “Marketplace is not for everyone” WTF????

  8. The info says that if Marketplace doesn’t automatically appear, then it is not available to my profile.
    I have Marketplace on my old laptop……..same profile.
    I bought a new laptop and signed in under the same profile.
    So this can’t be true.

    • In that case, you need to verify your system Geo, language and Time Zone settings from which Facebook can capture your locale and choose whether to enable Marketplace or not.

  9. I just posted items for the first time using Marketplace. I see there have been some looks but I will I know if someone is interested in my items. How do I check.

  10. I can’t find information anywhere about the cost of selling on Marketplace. I would like to advertise real estate for sale, but don’t know if this will cost me or how much. Where can I find this information? Thanks.

  11. My experience: I don’t have marketplace, so I typed ‘marketplace’ in the search field. On the next page I clicked on ‘Facebook Shortcuts – Facebook Marketplace.’ The marketplace came right up. I don’t know if this will work for everyone, I’m sure Vijay knows if this is a good way to get there or not.

  12. I cant figure out how to get the market place icon to show back up i cant find it anywhere at all and i used to have it but i dont know what happened, Can someone helo me with this issue plz and thx…

  13. Good evening Facebook family
    I’m having trouble responding to my messages in the marketplace.

    I’m trying to sell cars, I have multiple Facebook opened up a laptop and on all my cell phones I keep everything logged in 24 hours. Why am I not able to respond to a person that wants to buy something, It says

    ( this person isn’t receiving a message right now.
    if you think you receive seeing this mistake please let us know )

    I click on it nothing happens

    Please HELP Please

    Thank You

  14. Helllp; after one has listed/posted an item in Market Place, how does one access one’s ad. to edit it or remove after items sells???

  15. Hi for some unknown reason market place are not allowinge to trade. I have written countless messages with no response as to why I am no longer able to utilize market place for my living. Very disappointed and extremely upset at the abrupt and very cruel an nasty way I have been treated by admin. This experience is horrible . I’m disappointed and discussed at the operational staffing hortible

  16. Hi i am just not happy from facebook market place i just update my phone advertise and they blocked me next day and now they say i did not follow rules of fb community as far as i know use to sale my most of stuff from marketplace and even buying stuff as well can you please help me to get back my market place.


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