The plot

The latest rain commercial for IPhone 7 is shot brilliantly with mind blowing music and visuals.  Everyone watching the ad does feel like taking up the challenge of going out cycling amidst of thunderstorms with iPhone 7 being your navigator.  In the ad you can see that the guy mounts the Iphone 7 on the bike and going out cycling in heavy rain. For those who have missed it, the ad can be seen below.

In a frame Apple mentions in big font “the water resistant iPhone 7”.

The water resistant iPhone 7

But in the next fame have you noticed a line mentioned at the bottom in a very small font “Subject to availability. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.


The questions

This commercial brings many questions into a consumers mind, a few are here.

  • How is iPhone 7 called water resistant if it does not give you an assurance that water damage is covered in warranty?
  • Does this statement mean that any other liquid damage other than water? For example some acids or salt water or soap water?
  • Does this mean that you can take out the phone in rain or in shower in your own risk?
  • Or does the water enter iPhone 7 only while doing a scuba diving? In that case it should mention how many ATM water resistant it is, like watches.

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