We could finally get hands on 2016 Macbook Pro and could give you a short review on the usability, performance and features.

Macbook Pro Review


First of all we loved the super attractive Space grey finish and the touch and feel of the device is way beyond expectations.  The accessories which come along with the Mac book are;

  • USB C Cable
  • USB C Power Adapter
  • Manual
  • Stickers

    Just to brush up, the configurations for 2016 version of Mac Book pro are ;

  • 2.7GHz i7 CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • AMD Radeon Pro 455 Graphics
  • x2 Thunderbolt port – 3
  • Headphone Jack

    We could do a quick check on the SSD read write speed;

  • SSD Speed – 2650 MB/s Read & 2033MB/s write.
    • Checked with 43GB File duplication in 2016 & 2015 models Macbook Prod-
    • 2016 Mac Book Pro – 46s
    • 2015 Macbook Pro – 1min 16s

This is a huge difference when the speeds are compared, which proves that there is a huge performance gain in 2016 version.


Macbook Pro Review

  • Touchbar – Useful feature, but at present very less number of apps can make use of this feature. This can be considered as not a revolutionary feature but a useful one.
  • Touch ID – Again not revolutionary feature but it is really nice to be able to login to Mac, for purchases, passwords also acts as a power button.
  • Dongles – Not many accessories have USB C connectivity so we won’t be able to get rid of dongles and adapters in near future, but hopefully in future.
  • Speakers – Quality are much much better than the 2015 model.
  • Display – Much brighter and colors are awesome.

Macbook Pro Review

Summary: 2016 Macbook pro is Thinner, lighter, faster, visually pleasing space grey, Bigger track pad. Downsides are cannot get rid of dongles, touch bar and touch Id is useful but not a game changer. So there is no need to rush and buy one, not required to sell your 2015 mac book pro and buy this. But if you get hands on this, you’re definitely gonna love it.




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