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is your source for latest tech news, reviews, videos & more on Windows PC, Mac, Android & gadgets. We provide in-depth gadget reviews, up-to-the-minute tech news and intensive how-to’s. We provide a tech forum for discussing any tech topics and users can collaborate with others. In one word, we are obsessed with tech.

Two Decimal was found in 2015 as a Facebook page which gives tech tips and the latest news in the technology world.  This website was launched in 2016 with the aim to get a global reach and we can say with numbers as proof, we are doing good.

We believe in quality and not quantity. You may not find thousands of articles in this website, whatever articles are available, we create it after extensive research and analysis.  We make sure that all the articles are of high standard and will cover all the vertices of that product / service.

What drives us

Passion, Focus & Teamwork

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V ijay Gopalakrishnan is an Engineering Grad and this is his blog. He is a programmer at heart and his passion for developing websites never ceases. He has developed a handful of websites and still continues to do so. Apart from websites, his passion for electronics never ends, not to buy electronic devices but to repair them. The first thing he searches once he sees a device is, where are the screws or how to disassemble it. He introduces himself as “Jack of all trades, master of none.” He has started Two Decimal with an aim to spread his knowledge on any technology or devices to the world. His future plan is to integrate a full-fledged Collaborated Technical Support system into Two Decimal portal with which the users can get support in a flash on any technical issues they face. You can reach him any time on [email protected]

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